CFO Network

CFOs are in a unique position to redefine leadership in business and finance; they are critical change agents within their businesses and are a critical bridge to the investment community and the financial markets.

WBCSD’s CFO Network helps CFOs:

  1. Shape the dialogue and the landscape around changing expectations and drivers of performance.
  2. Work with investors to change the system.
  3. Gain access to the tools and resources needed to make stakeholder capitalism a reality.

The challenge

Across the world, corporate sustainability performance is top of mind for investors and consumers alike. At the same time, global financial reporting standard-setters are quickly paving the way towards alignment of sustainability disclosure frameworks, with new regulatory requirements for ESG and climate disclosure on the horizon. Business is entering a next phase of ESG transparency and accountability, for which leading companies need to prepare now.

The business case

As a bridge between the corporate world and the capital markets, CFOs are uniquely positioned to set the agenda and trajectory of these market transformations as they begin to take shape.  At the same time, they are critical change agents within their companies with capacity to implement critical changes across risk management, governance and performance – eager for the tools and resources to adapt and thrive.

The solution

Members of WBCSD’s CFO Network are coming together to redesign financial system architecture, revolutionize capital market engagement and build out key elements of business practice towards to all aspects of sustainability.

WBCSD Implementation Guidance ISSB Standards and ESRS

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